We buy used gear

The last thing we ever want to do is disappoint anyone, so it is important to understand our position.

We buy hoping to resell at a profit. Often, a used item will be on display for a year or more. Therefore, we can only offer about half of what you might be able to get by selling privately.

We strongly urge you to first try to sell your gear privately. We suggest Facebook Marketplace or the Facebook groups "CT Music Gear Buy/Sell/Trade" and "CT Music Gear for Sale or Trade". Also try Reverb.com. Others have used Ebay.com and CraigsList.com, but these would not be our first choice.

We will always give you a fair and honest assessment of your used gear, and please accept our sincere wishes that you get a good price.

If we do buy, we will copy your driver's license and pay by Company Check or Store Credit. We can offer 10% more in store credit.